ATCi’s  LTE 4G LiveStreamPac Mobile Broadcasting System Hits CES 2014


Introduces New Product Offering - Evertz XRF IF and L-Band Routers

Las Vegas- (Jan 8, 2014) - Consumer Electronics Show - MeshTV (subsidiary of ATCi), a full service provider of live and

on-demand video, satellite, mobile GSM backhaul and delivery of HLS, iPhone, iPad, Google, Silverlight and other options, announced today from Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that its LTE 4G LiveStreamPac Pro 110 compact video system is currently ready for deployment to broadcast live HD content world wide.


LiveStreamPac Pro 110 boasts an abundantly rich feature set, such as high level HD video resolution, super performance, advanced innovative technology for resilient transmission in all cellular reception areas including poor coverage areas, and exclusive hardware and software devices that enable easy and affordable worldwide roaming.


“We are eager to see how the LiveStreamPac Pro 110 changes the live broadcast environment,” said Gary Hatch, ATCi’s CEO.  “LiveStreamPac Pro 110 is a low-cost, portable and extremely small alternative to the larger satellite news gathering trucks - particularly for an event of this size where SNGs are just too costly,” Hatch continued.  “LTE 4G LiveStreamPac Pro 110 provides HD (1080i quality) up to 6 Mb/s bandwidth throughput and because of its small footprint, the mobile system is able to broadcast smaller events such as high school football games and late breaking news and events from hard to reach areas,” Hatch concluded.

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