ATCi Customizes Simulsat Transport System for Pacific Region


News Gathering and Content Aggregation Applications

HONOLULU, HI - Pacific Telecommunications Council 2015 (Jan 22, 2015) - ATCi - Antenna Technology Communications Inc., a provider of satellite communications systems, today introduced at the PTC Conference being held in Honolulu, its Simulsat Multibeam transport antenna system designed for regional pacific region applications.


The Simulsat RF transport solution is a complete integrated RF ingest and distribution system.  It combines the reception of multiple satellite feeds using our Simulsat antenna and their delivery into the headend building using our complete fiber TX/RX solution.  Static and dynamic distribution of the satellite feed is also provided using our splitters and matrix switch.  All components of this system are monitored and controlled via our Vistalink software and integrated spectrum analyzer.


"It is a testament to ATCi's continuous commitment to our customers that the Company was able to re-engineer the legacy Simulsat Multibeam system that has been serving cable customers for 30+ years in the US and abroad to also meet the unique news gathering and content aggregation needs of pacific broadcasters," said Gary Hatch, ATCi's CEO. "We are honored that our customers throughout Guam, Malaysia, Okinawa and Singapore to name a few can also rely on ATCi's Simulsat as their main content aggregation tool," Hatch concluded.

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