ATCi Introduces Mobile Studio Kit/Low Cost Flyaway Antenna Package

Los Angeles -- (April 29, 2014) - NCTA Cable Show 2014 - Antenna Technology Communications Inc. (ATCi), a provider of ground-based commercial satellite communications Communications Inc. announced from the The Cable Show being held in Los Angeles its specialized mobile studio kit and flyway broadcast system. The package was designed to provide customers with a fully integrated production and satellite transportation solution.


ATCi's FlyAway System includes:  Antenna, Amplifier, Encoder, Modulator as well as an ATCi Spectrum Analyzer, design, integration and implementation.  The flyaway systems are in stock and pre-tested for maximum reliability.  The mobile studio control system includes: AC power distribution within the system and AC-DC converters for remote supply to the camera systems. It also includes all connections to and from these camera systems as well as the outputs for Program and Preview.  An XLR type connection interfaces the intercom headset to the cameramen.


"Because of the success of our flyaway systems for news gathering and sports broadcast applications, our customers have voiced a need for an affordable, portable production and satellite transportation solution," said Gary Hatch, ATCi's CEO.  "Our light-weight systems are the perfect solution - all equipment easily fits into flight compatible cases, are priced aggressively and with set up being quick and easy it allows for extremely fast time to air," Hatch continued.  "In addition, the system boasts extreme mobility in that the cameras are connected by a single cable with both fiber and electrical power running through it allowing camera operators the flexibility of not having to worry about power at the camera site," Hatch concluded.

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