ATCi: Custom Global Communication Solutions

Complete RF/Satcom Systems

ATCi, founded in 1979, offers end-to-end systems integration and technical services.  From front-end consulting and planning, to integrating, installing, coordinating and managing technology solutions, ATCi has the depth and experience to respond to unique challenges and opportunities.  Based upon the experience and expertise ATCi has gained through hundreds of successful installations, the communications challenge is turned into a success for its customer.  We feel each project should be considered from the end user’s perspective and always ask how can we offer the most value or opportunity for profit to our customer.  Regardless of the system requirements, we create complete end-to-end solutions.

Simulsat: The Multibeam Advantage

ATCi's proprietary product, Simulsat, is a true full-arc multibeam antenna that has the capacity to receive signals from as many as 35 satellites at the same time.  Taking up less space than two parabolic antennas, the Simulsat offers economies of a small footprint and the convenience that brings the power of multiple satellite reception to one source.  In addition, as new satellites are launched, new programming options appear, or existing satellites are moved, a simple addition or change of feed location is all it takes.


Communications Products and Technology

Along with Simulsat, ATCi designs, manufactures and sources many other products that offer customers expanded capacity, design excellence and value.  Among them are parabolic antennas, complete uplink systems, teleports, cable television headend and plant components, test equipment and input matrix switches, as well as, the complete line of ATCi, Ortel and Force fiber optics components.

Warrior Satellite Monitoring System

The Warrior Satellite Monitoring System simultaneously provides complete observation for satellite activities spread over 140 degrees, but with the added upgrades the system goes beyond the Basic TT&C Monitoring that are being offered by rival systems today.  Designed for the unique requirements of government and military entities, Warrior allows the operator an in depth view of not only the spectrum usage issues involved in satellite carriage, but also the ability to manage, control and archive the content being carried on any given satellite, on any give transponder in its viewing arc.

Teleport Services / DR

MeshTV is a full service provider of live and on-demand video, satellite, mobile GSM backhaul and delivery options, offering the first alternative service that radically improves service standards in the industry.  MeshTV provides uplink, downlink and turnaround services using teleports, flyaway and transportable uplink and downlink systems with C, Ku and Ka-Band antennas.  The Company also provides production support as well as numerous additional value-added added capabilities which round out the most comprehensive inventory of services.

Digital Headend Services

ATCi's Digital Headend Services works with companies to create personalized, affordable turnkey solutions designed to meet specific digital video and/or data broadcast needs.  ATCi’s expanded services include Design/Consulting, Project Plan Development, Full Turn-key Integration, RFQ Development and Site/System Evaluation.  With a new or expanded digital system, ATCi helps customers to deliver today’s most popular high definition and digital entertainment services.

International Growth

ATCi continues its expansion into new global markets, handling projests with teleport, broadcast, telecom, and airport customers throughout the world.

Profit From Our Experience

ATCi's mission is to enhance our customer’s opportunity for profit through our design, product, installation and service quality.  The Company strives to build value in our products and services that improve the world of communications.

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